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Thread: Mini Cube Cases

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    Mini Cube Cases

    I'm beginning to see these mini cube style cases lately. What's up with these?

    Do you use it mainly for a server and/or desktop pc?

    Just curious as to why they seem popular now days.

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    Re:Mini Cube Cases

    They're popular because they're more affordable looking, but once you see what's missing...

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    Re:Mini Cube Cases

    1 word. Lan Party.

    Damn, that's two.

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    Re:Mini Cube Cases

    They are popular with those who wants to carry their boxes around ( and who buy and forgot they have bought computers ;D ). They are popular because price wise, they are cheap. Those systems comes with onboard everything except VGA ( and sometimes VGA too ). They have only one space for HDD ( so if you buy a huge HDD, then you have no problem but a few years down the road when you need more space, you buy a new one ) and one for CDROM/DVD/CDRW. Plus, one PCI slot and one VGA slot. That's it. So you can't really upgrade anything. Those are mainly for those who buy computers, use it, threw away when life span runs out on them than for those (like me) who upgrade and thinker with this ALL the time.

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    Re:Mini Cube Cases

    All I can say is beware. Shuttle really was the pioneer into this arena, and they continue to be the best. Everything else is a cheap imitation, and you get what you pay for. :-\

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