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Losing Weight
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Thread: Losing Weight

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    Losing Weight

    Hey all, i recently weighed myself in at 198lbs, and let me tell you it sure as hell aint muscle. so im trying to lose some weight this summer, by august i hopefully want to be down to about 170-175lbs. right now i have a job that requires labor, stacking hundreds of bags of luggage that all weigh about 50-100lbs, and the average flight being 160-180 people, and i do these flights about 3 times. so i have a job that helps me exercise but i dont think it helps me enough, so i also started doing the "ab-slide" 500 times a day and i plan on stepping it up to 1000 a day. one thing i need help with though is a great tasting diet, ive started drinking only water and milk, and eating salad (with dressing) and for breakfast ive been having 2 english muffins with butter and 2 fried eggs. is there anyone here who has been able to shed some weight like i want to (25-30lbs) within a 3-4month period? what did you do and what did you eat? and do you keep that weight off?

    any input appreciated

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    Re:Losing Weight

    I to need to loose a bit of weight (about 15kg would be nice), anyways I have several friends who had good succes with the Atkins diet, so that's what I'm planning to look at.

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    Re:Losing Weight

    ya thats what i was looking at, i really dont understand what its wanting me to eat and do though. so i started by eating salads and eggs, and i had my mom pick me up some fruits like rasberries, blueberries, and bananas for snacks. i also had her pick me up milk, cheese, bread, and cereal for starters.

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    Re:Losing Weight

    I have a lot of (women) friends who tried out Atkins diet and lost some weights.

    The most difficult things ( they say ) is keeping it off.

    Atkins diet basically says that you DO NOT eat carbs but eat the diet that is rich in proteins. Major carbs contributors include breads, rice, paster, potato and basically anythings that fills you up. Softdrinks such as Coke and Pepsi are also rich in carbs. Read the labels.

    So they basically consume cheese and meat only plus fruits and vegetables.

    The only problem I see with keeping this kind of diet is that it's so rich in proteins and fat that you will get heart attack pretty soon ( and Dr Atkins died of heart attack :-D ).

    But using it moderately and short time to loose some weight should be okay. The most important thing about keeping weight down is to have balanced diet and exercise.

    At least that's what they say. I also need to loose some weight. :P

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    Re:Losing Weight

    well... all these 'diets' are just crap. You can still eat whatever the hell you wanna eat... just make sure you eat the fat stuff less often. If you really wanna loose weight, you can't just go on a diet for a while and expect it to last. You gotta change your lifestyle. You gotta change your eating habits. Not just for a while, but forever basically. You gotta start exercising regularly and you _have_ to keep it up. You shouldn't start with exercising every day because then you'll just get sick of it and you won't keep it up. You should exercise a couple of times a week, and the activity should last for at least 30 minutes, and preferably a lot more than that (like 90 minutes or so). Also, pick a physical acticity that you enjoy doing. If you don't enjoy it, you won't keep it up.

    i know this sounds like really obvious advice, but for some reason a lot of people aren't doing it this way. a lot of people are looking for the quick fix, but guess what... it isn't gonna help you in the long term.

    i exercise regularly... not because i needed to lose weight, but between 8 hours of sitting on a chair at work, and then even more hours of sitting on a chair or in a couch outside of work, my physical condition simply sucked. So about a year ago i started exercising again... and i still do... in fact, i seem to exercise more and more because i start to enjoy it more and more. Physically, i've never felt better. But you have to keep doing it for a long time or otherwise it's just useless.

    and if you exercise regularly, you can still enjoy all the food you like... just don't overdo it.

    anyway that's just my 2 cents

    EDIT: my BMI is 21 and i eat whatever i want so maybe i do know what i'm talking about

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    Re:Losing Weight

    I agree, diets are crap - life alternations is needed.. exercise and correct food (and amounts of food).

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    Re:Losing Weight

    [quote author=Lovechild link=board=14;threadid=9335;start=0#msg84546 date=1087158463]
    I agree, diets are crap - life alternations is needed.. exercise and correct food (and amounts of food).
    to get in shape just goto the gym everyday for an hour or two.

    I usually go to the gym for 2 hours. I spend the first working out my arms, back, chest. Then for the last I just run for 30min take a 5min break then run again.

    If you dont have time to go to the gym and have a PS1 or 2 go buy DDR (Dance Dace Revolution) with the dance pad :P

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    Re:Losing Weight

    Completely agree. Diets can be really dangerous if you don't know exactly what you're doing, and most often they result in immediate rapid weight loss followed by rapid weight gain as soon as you're off the diet. If you deny yourself things like carbs, your body goes into starvation mode and starts burning all your fat reserves. However once you go off the diet (recommended if you want to live past 30), your body sees the starvation period as being over and works as hard as it can to replenish the fat reserves. Typically someone on a successful diet is back to where they were within a year or so, but possibly flabbier. The Atkins diet is great for rapid temporary weight loss, but unfortunately the uninformed public has turned it into a miracle cure...as per usual :

    I'm in the same boat as Ralinx. I alternate between 4 months of school and 4 months of co-operative workterms in the industry (computer engineering is what I study, so you can imagine how much exercise I get). When I'm at work, I'm usually sitting at a desk for 8 hours. When I'm at school, I'm usually sitting at a desk for 18 hours . About a year and a half ago I got a job with the government for 4 months in Toronto. I lived about 30 meters from the subway station, and the only exercise I got each day was walking to the subway, and walking from the subway to work (subway dropped me off in the basement of my office building, where I would take the escalator up to the main floor and the elevator up to the office). By the end of the workterm I was in pretty rough shape. I had no energy, I had gained weight (at that time I was around 210, and like you, none of it was muscle), and I was starting to have some health problems from never moving.

    To fix this I started jogging. At first I sucked big time. I was puffing after 100 meters and most jogs lasted about 7 minutes before I was done. But I kept at it and after a few weeks things started to get easier. Not only was I able to run for much longer, but I was feeling much better (exercise releases endorphins...once your body learns to recognize what they are you start to really enjoy them).

    I took that as a cue that I was doing something right so I started going to my campus gym. Again, same story. The first two weeks or so were absolute hell. I was sore, really pathetic at weight lifting, and generally didn't know what I was doing. I was also lifting about half of what most people were lifting, so that was discouraging too. However, after the first few weeks I came to realize that I'm really only there for my benefit, so I'd best learn how to use these machines and lift what works for me, not what works for others. After that things started getting a lot easier. I learned how to lift weights properly and got a feel for my limits. Now I go every second day or so, and give my muscles a decent workout plus some cardio work.

    What I really noticed after going through all this is that my eating habits have changed on their own accord. Back when I was working for the government it was all grease or nothing. I'd suck back a greaseball cheeseburger from McDonald's or Harvey's without a second thought except "maybe I should get another one." I loved my red meat and my grease and my sugar, and rarely ate vegetables. This continued after I started exercising and going to the gym, but it started to change a little. I started craving lettuce and tomato and broccoli and stuff like that. Little by little I found greasy food less appealing. Even now I still enjoy a nice greasy breakfast from time to time, but it leaves me feeling kind of slow and it's not unusual at all for me to pass it up in favour of some yogurt mixed with instant oatmeal and fruit (breakfast of champions, folks!). I had a Big Mac for the first time in months the other day, and I have to say I didn't enjoy it one bit. I found it utterly unremarkable whereas once I would have crapped my pants in excitement over the taste. I found myself craving a salad with some white meat and fruit juice. I take this as a sign that my body has changed for good, and I think for the better.

    Damn this turned out to be a lot longer than I intended. Hopefully you'll give this post a read and take some of my advice, as I'm basically your situation but a year down the road. I'm down to 190 lbs but thankfully it's not nearly as much fat as it used to be (the gut is actually kind of trim, and not sagging over my belt buckle ;D). I'm actually starting to see some muscle definition. People have noticed too. They say I've lost weight and that I'm looking better. Comparing myself to pictures from a year ago, the structure of my face and body has changed considerably. Above all, I feel really great. After I've been to the gym and I get home and shower there's a real sense of well being. I have _much_ more energy than I used to, and in short I'm glad I did this.

    So there you go. That's what people mean by "lifestyle change." It's hard at first. DAMN hard. To the point where I was on and off the exercise for a good half a year. But once you get going it's great! ;D

    PS: I just noticed that I'm at 2010 posts. Wow I must have rolled over really recently! And none of you noticed? For shaaaaaaame....

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    Re:Losing Weight

    2010: The year we make contact.

    Sorry had to do it ;D

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    Re:Losing Weight

    thanks for the input fellas, like i said right now i do about 500 ab-slides a day, and im starting to just eat salads, eggs, cereals, and im going to try eating some blueberries and bananas and such. cheese sandwiches and drinking milk. unfortunately i dont have weights or access to a gym while im at home, only at school. i figure i should start doing 2 mile walks with my dog(probably kill us both) and start running those 2 miles instead of walking for starters. is there specific foods i should stick to so that i lose weight and keep it off while being safe to my body? like ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. i also lift heavy ass luggage all day on my knees to hehe.

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