Hey all, i recently weighed myself in at 198lbs, and let me tell you it sure as hell aint muscle. so im trying to lose some weight this summer, by august i hopefully want to be down to about 170-175lbs. right now i have a job that requires labor, stacking hundreds of bags of luggage that all weigh about 50-100lbs, and the average flight being 160-180 people, and i do these flights about 3 times. so i have a job that helps me exercise but i dont think it helps me enough, so i also started doing the "ab-slide" 500 times a day and i plan on stepping it up to 1000 a day. one thing i need help with though is a great tasting diet, ive started drinking only water and milk, and eating salad (with dressing) and for breakfast ive been having 2 english muffins with butter and 2 fried eggs. is there anyone here who has been able to shed some weight like i want to (25-30lbs) within a 3-4month period? what did you do and what did you eat? and do you keep that weight off?

any input appreciated