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Thread: Installing additional version (AMD 64)

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    Installing additional version (AMD 64)

    I am currently running FC2 on an AMD64 machine I built. FC2 is installed on hda. I would like to try my hand with the 64-bit version of FC2 by installing it on a 2nd (empty) drive. I have the install disks and am ready.

    What I need (as a newbie) is step-by-step, cookbook instructions on the initial install, since I obviously have to take into account the existing installation.

    I would be happy with either of 2 solutions:
    a) (preferred) install FC2-64 on hdb and let grub on hda point to it.
    b) install FC2-64 stand-alone on hdb and manage it myself by controlling which drive gets booted.

    You cannot offend me by getting too basic.

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    Re:Installing additional version (AMD 64)

    I set up fc2 by having the ISO images on my hard drive and making the 1st CD (i.e. burning it to the disk). I then booted off of the 1st CD and ran the install program. There was an option to install from images on the disks and that is what i picked, i needed to know the location of the disks and so i was sure to enter that information, for me i knew the partion was on /dev/hde3 in a directory called /home . you could also create all of the disks and install them that way.

    I assume you are more interested in how to boot both the old version and the new version. For that I would make a note of where the existing partion is for current installation, or better yet make a backup copy of /boot/grub/grub.conf . Then install the IA64 version and let the installer create a new grub.conf on /dev/hda - then after the IA64 version is installed copy the section of file grub.conf from back up one to the new one.

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