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Thread: remove users per group in gaim

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    remove users per group in gaim

    Hi guys,
    I upgraded to gaim 0.78, and now I can't seem to be able to remove the user group thing (shows you how many users are online / how many users in the group).
    Did they remove this feature or am I just blind?

    Thank you

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    Re:remove users per group in gaim

    i read in the changelog that this is now default behaviour... they also removed a lot of options to make it more of a 'GNOME' app... you know, the whole 'less is more' way of thinking.

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    Re:remove users per group in gaim

    Unfortunately, Gaim does the whole "less is more" thing quite poorly. It's a gtk app with a KDE interface...cluttered and customizable right down to the letter. Simply ripping out a bunch of those customization options and replacing them with whatever the whim of the developers happens to be is _not_ catering to the "less is more" philosophy. This is catering to the "I don't get the 'less is more' philosophy" philosophy. Sure, Gaim has some great features (buddy pounce, plugin interface) but there are parts of the design that need work bad.

    I can't wait for the next Gossip to be done. Either that or for the Gaim core/UI split to be finished so I can get Gossip's UI with Gaim's plugins.

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