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Very interesting night
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Thread: Very interesting night

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    Very interesting night

    ok guys i'm really tired I got home at about 8this moring so sorry for any spelling mistakes. I tried to write it as simple as possible. any if any mod would like to fix my spelling and grammer go ahed

    well I went out with my two friends Justin and Tony, We decided to cruise around at about 12:30 so we drove all the way to vancouver and wne to the arcade for a bit, and we got kinda bored. So we left and drove back to surrey along the way we saw this really nice fuckin drag car with a white guy drive and a black passenger haha. anyways after fooling that car a bnice black Viper tried to race it but the guy wouldnt go (haha fuckers) so once we got to surrey I got hungy (sp?) so we went to burger king and chilled there for a bit till securtiy told us to leave. Since we did't knwo where to go at this poing we somehow went t Langley and followed teh same road for about 2hours and flooring the car(a very old Tercel lol) and at this piont it was about 4:00-4:30am and we noticed it was going on teh hightway and we coulnt turn around we kept going. Once one the hightway for about 10-15min we were getting close to Abbotsford and the car just died so Justing put it in neutral hopeing to start the car. But that didnt work so we pulled over and checked everything and it was fine untill tony suggested checking the oil. But Justin already did before we left my place and it was PERFECT so what happend was there was no oil left it alll got burn away somehow, there were no leaks or anyhting. So since we were stuck in the middle of knwowhare with fuckin traffic making it even more difficult for us we tried calling for help but everyone was fuckin passed out or too drunk to drive. So I called my cousins and they didnt [ick up at fire so I kept calling about 20time (no joke) and it woke up the WHOLE family and there not too happy. But once I told them the situation Izzy(nickname) said he didnt have teh car or the SUV witrh them (his dad took em and uncle too) so he couldnt do anyhting (jsut fuckin great) But we noticed about 2km aways there was an exit so the three of us decided to walk it but we could cause Tony had to take a shit on the side of the highway LMFAO and he froze his balls on the concrete devider ahaha. But once that was done we got to a gas station and bought 4bottles of oil and walked all the fuckin way back. Once we put oil in teh car it started but we noticed tio lost all of it's power and we could get up to hightway speed (100km/h) and we were doing 60-70 and that was kinda dangerout too. but about 20min later the car was fukcin up again so wel drove as far as we could then pulled over again. And poped the hood and it was fuckin smoking like crazy. We pulled out eh dip stick and it was jsut smoking like a cronic smoker. So we let the car cool for about 10min and Justin just TAPED the radiator car abd it turned very fuckin littel and it was fizzing. at teh poing I walked form one side of the car and to the other to lean over to look and see if anyhtign was loose, but there wasing things looked fine. so we stood there for about 15min Justing was right infront of the engine and the radiator cap poped (it was under lots and lots of pressure) (tony was in the car keeping warm) we had gotting me and Justing (he got it worse) once the fluid hit us we both quickly got out shirst soff and wiped out faces, we were so lucky it was cold (you knwo what could happen it it were hot) anyways as were on the ground people were just driving buy and did NOTHING to help. Once we got cleanup a littel bit. We treid to cally people again but teh phone had died. SO we stood there hoping someone would pull over or for a cop, but we were lucy some one pulled over and took up back to surrey(30min away) once we got there he droped us off at the store and we bougt drinks and I got a ride home from Tonys mom and justin walked home. and I wanted to tell you when I got home but you didnt rely os I passed out for a bit lol and the car is still on the hightway unlocked. and Jusin is going to left eh car stay there till it gets towed and says he doesnt was teh car anymore lol so now he's fucked he needs that car for work :-[

    so people if you ever see anyone stuck on the highyway try and help them if you can or atleast a ride to a gas station

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    Re:Very interesting night

    Never, we have young fellas here who just cruise and they make noise all night - why should I encourage or aid behavior which annoys me that much.

    Frankly if you run your engine in a manner that does not become it, or break the law (the drag racing thing, I'm guessing that's borderline if not illegal)..

    I'm glad you are okay, but I hope from now on you won't do anything like that again, a car is not a toy, it's a means of transportation.

    Sorry if I sound like a grumpy old man, people who race their cars on public streets IHMO have no consideration of their fellow humanbeings, what happens the day you run someone over, or something bad happens, like you crash..

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    Re:Very interesting night

    lol where did I mention we were racing or speeding ??? ???

    I know they guys your talking about they always play there systems soo damn loud you can hear it a block away > > > we keep ours to a minimum so you can just barely hear it outside of the car ;D

    also if your it's teh guys in the viper that wanted to race the guy in the other car but he declined ;D and it's a old toyota tercel the only thing I can think of that would be a good race would be a sprint runner from kenya lol

    but the thing is where the hell did all the oil go > ??? > ???

    EDIT: Don't worry you dont sound like a grumpy old man I get it all the time from my family because I chill with people that own tuned cars/trucks/bikes and usually every friday we meet up and have fun like have dinner watch movies or just stand and talk like girls on the phone.

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