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Thread: photography thread

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    photography thread

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    Re:photography thread

    You got some really good ones there. I have only two nice pictures I can be proud of. Maybe someday I'll scan them. My fav from the ones you have here is f8dd5782.jpg. Thats nice Karma point for that one.

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    Re:photography thread

    From those I like f8dd5118.jpg the best

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    Re:photography thread

    I think most of the pics i want to see are not "work place safe" ;D ;D ;D

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    Re:photography thread

    Mojo that would be Vancouver if I'm not mistaken?

    Beautiful city.

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    Re:photography thread

    I'm going to to Toronto this weekend I'll take pictures of my trip.

    Lets see i'm driving from New Jersey to Toronto accross new york state...........uhm anyone like pictures of cows???

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    Re:photography thread

    [quote author=Tyr_7BE link=board=17;threadid=9305;start=0#msg84377 date=1086707919]
    Mojo that would be Vancouver if I'm not mistaken?

    Beautiful city.

    yup it is ;D i'm gonna take more pictures soon, I have a few laying around on my computer somewhere I just need to find them lol

    boblucci take pictures of toronto if you have the time, can you take a pic of the CN Tower at an almost strait up pic with a bit of an angle on it ???

    a few cow pics woudl be fine just get a good backround and position yourself right ;D

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    Re:photography thread

    the only ones i can really find that took any skills are from a field trip to a large greenhouse.
    This one is of my friend, Harry, and the lady that went with us. Harry was pointing to a lilly pad, or so he says
    This one is of one of the areas of the greenhouse...
    One from inside that area next to that stream..
    Flower bed..
    A shot showing a good portion of an area.
    Japanese garden anyone?

    -----::: a couple from a trip to New York :::-----;id=dscn0455
    A fountain I thought was cool..;id=dscn0464
    First time in a city bigger then Minneapolis, MN, I thought this was pretty impressive..;id=dscn0369
    NY city at night..;id=dscn0485
    Another night shot

    ----::: Some personal ones of me :::----;id=DSCN0843
    a pose of me..
    Trying my suit on, the night before prom..;id=P5140026
    Grand march at prom..

    I will dig through some of my other pictures and update them as i find good ones.

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    Re:photography thread

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