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And when we moved the chan, we weren't really polite :-). I may point to Ralinx here *g*

at that time Lilo was getting flamed by practically everybody so i doubt he'll even remember. Anyways, the whole fundraising issue is actually a non-issue now anyway... when we left there, he was spamming _everyone_ on the network every couple of hours to beg for money. I don't care if he's running a fundraiser, as long as you don't beg in a continuous loop. Saying that it's a strike against many open source projects is a bit unfounded. Many open source projects have links on their sites for donations. There's nothing wrong with that. Spamming in order to get money however is wrong. That's why many channels left at the time. That was about 2 years ago i think, and by now, most of those channels have gone back to Freenode. I haven't seen Lilo spamming anyone anymore after a lot of channels left there.

about the 'power' issue. Once again i would like to point out that the current channel is owned by people who don't even come here. I don't care who gets the channel operator status, i just think they should at the least have something to do with LJR (and no, skywolf's 9 posts or whatever it is hardly count).

the network issue... Freenode is currently the most advanced and stable network we could use. Like Kernel Killer said, it has no issues with IPV6. Dusk Knight's question of "Must you use IPV6?" is basically like asking "must you use a 1Ghz+ CPU?" because you could also get by on a PIII 500. The answer is: No you don't have to use it, but if you can use it, you sure as hell wanna use it.

As has been pointed out earlier, being on Freenode could actually get some fresh blood in here. If someone requests the channel list on freenode, they'll see the channel names and the topics. We used to have a policy of always referring to http://www.linuxjunior.org in the channel topic and something about it being a place for linux support. If people see that they might check it out. The more people who see it, the more people who might check it out. With the current owners, this is no longer the case. They usually just have a link in there to some moronic video or picture that they find funny.