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Thread: IRC channel

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    IRC channel

    Since there has been a history of problems with the OFTC irc network for some people I have opened #linuxjunior on FreeNode.
    This also fits our forum name better, since the contraction ljr really didn't conway the message.

    I would suggest we move the official channel there..

    Also out of a selfish purpose, I wanna move away from oftc since all I used that network for was #ljr, and I know a few other people who doesn't want to do the same.

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    Re:IRC channel

    not to mention the fact that the current #ljr channel is owned by people who don't even come to this forum

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    Re:IRC channel

    Perhaps we could go a step further and have a member here host it.

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    Re:IRC channel

    How about I host it on LEHNet?

    the irc addr is
    however, you can get directly to my server via

    also as another advantage, gorn is an oper on my server...

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    Re:IRC channel

    I would also recommend LEHnet. My site has a channel there. It's a cool network. Small and responsive.

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    Re:IRC channel

    freenode does offer a few advantages over hosting it yourself:

    1) it's a well known, stable IRC network. They are no longer begging for donations like they used to (which was the reason we left it a few years ago) and haven't done so for quite some time.
    2) a lot of people already use it (a lot of open source projects have their official channels on Freenode)
    3) features such as Chanserv and Nickserv
    4) it's a network. if a server goes down, you will simply be connected to another one. why use just one server which may or not be available _all_ the time when we can use a proven irc network for free?

    anyway, just my 2 cents

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    Re:IRC channel

    If we are on FreeNode we will also be part of a larger collection of channels with the same purpose, meaning the possibility of more members and revitalising the ljr community with some fresh blood - we will not get that from a smaller network or our own server.

    Plus we get redundency in that if the server flakes out then the rest of the network will pick up the load.

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    Re:IRC channel

    um, we have plenty of redoundancy.. we have several leafs

    I dislike networks as large as freenode as well.

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    Re:IRC channel

    Is this truely about the network or is it about power? Who gets ops?

    And by saying that I realize it makes it look like i'm not a pat of that who-gets-ops-power-hungry-ness. So for the record, I have ops in oftc, and as Dusk said am a netop on lehnet, and I proposed the idea of volunteering lehnet to him before he posted.

    So network wise.
    Oftc has the advantage of being currently used, why change if not need?
    FreeNode has the fresh blood advantage LC mentioned, very good point.
    LehNet has the advantage of dusk and I being net-ops. How's that really an advantage? Just gives people someone higher up to contact, for example I lost my nickserv password on FreeNode, emailed them but who knows if I'll get it back, on lehnet we could take care of something like that.

    Op wise, I don't want to get into it, it'll turn into a flame war. Maybe we should come up with a good way of deciding that?

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    Re:IRC channel

    Currently I'm OP there, but I have no great intention of hanging out there 24/7 - I did consider just leaving the place unmodded and act on complaints (email with attached log file or something like that) if they arise - which I doubt they will, we are not a very high volume channel, we never were and we probably never will be.

    I'm very much against moving to a network smaller than FreeNode, also FreeNode is primarily for Open Source projects and the communities surrounding them - so we would fit nicely there.

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