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Thread: Some GNOME help

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    Some GNOME help

    Well, to start off, I am running Slackware 9.1. I am using GNOME (thanks to Lovechild ) The problem is it didn't show any background image for the desktop. So I downloaded one off of It's a *.jpg image.. I try to change the background and it says:

    I don't know how to opent the file *.jpg. Perhaps it's a picture that's not supported yet. Please choose a difference picture.
    So then I tried a *.png image and the same thing happens.. what am I doing wrong..? I searched google and came up with null results..


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    Re:Some GNOME help

    Alright.. I found out something.. As long as I am running Nautilus, the background image shows up. But the unrecognized picture thing still exists. I will try and tell you more about it.

    I tried to open the *.png image in the GIMP (while in GNOME) and it doesn't recognize it either.. I check the File Types and Apps. and png is listed. I'm still sort of confused.

    I closed Nautilus and the background still exists. ??? I don't know why. However, the picture problem still exists

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    Re:Some GNOME help

    Sounds like you need something like gnome-mime-data. Grab it from

    Good luck.

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    Re:Some GNOME help

    Actually, I already had GNOME-MIME-DATA..

    but anyways, I found out what was wrong. .my permissions on the file were 111 and i changed it to 777.. How did I know? thanks to `xv`. I tried xv *.png and permission denied so i changed it and now everything works....

    Thanks for all the help guys..

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