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Thread: Picking an Email server

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    Re:Picking an Email server

    Does postfix do calandering? I wasn't aware.

    But yes Cassius is right. This board tends to cater more to questions like "my mouse doesn't work" or "how do you play music in distro X" etc etc... However that's not to say we're not willing to help. It just means that if you're going to be replacing an exchange server that a business relies on, you should do some serious testing and research beforehand, as it's not the kind of thing that one can just waltz into.

    Take a look at this: . I believe it's associated in a way with (a brilliant office suite if you've never heard of it). Read their FAQ to find out what it's all about, and see if it meets your needs. From what I understand, it aims to be a drop-in exchange replacement. In the screenshots you can see Microsoft Outlook connecting to their mail server. You can also see screenshots of Ximian's Evolution (linux equivalent to Outlook) connecting to via the Exchange Connector (which was recently released to the public as a free product).

    Hope that starts you off on the right track.

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    Re:Picking an Email server

    As far as I know there is little in the route of free or inexpensive Exchange type fixes. You could find a replacement app that does the calendaring, schedules, and pop up notes. Try Freshmeat and see what is available. I was in the market a few years ago, and there was nothing. Also check out Ximian and see if they are anywhere with their project.

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    Re:Picking an Email server

    As far as clients go, I like kmail, but I definately plan on giving thunderbird a try.

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    Re:Picking an Email server

    I recommend the following:
    Postfix - SMTP Server
    Qpopper - POP3 Server
    Ximian Evolution - Advance Mail Client
    Mozilla Thunderbird - Personal Mail Client
    Mutt - Awesome CLI Mail Client

    P.S. KMail, as countach44 mentioned, is good too.

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    Re:Picking an Email server

    [quote author=countach44 link=board=4;threadid=9288;start=0#msg84066 date=1086223952]
    As far as clients go, I like kmail, but I definately plan on giving thunderbird a try.

    I have been using Thunderbird for the past few months, chessforce introduced me to it.. and I love it.. Under windows, I use Thunderbird only and under Linux, I use Tb and mutt (my favorite client). Mutt takes a bit of getting used to but it is really awesome..

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