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Thread: .htaccess security

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    .htaccess security

    I'm wanting to store some information in an online accessable folder under my web directory protected by .htaccess authentication.

    This information is possibly sensitive.

    Is this a secure method of doing this?

    If so is using .htaccess all i need to do? Or is their something else i need to do as long with it?

    Thank you

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    Re:.htaccess security

    I'd recommend you just doing this in your httpd.conf, but .htaccess could work, here's a good tutorial:

    I've gotten it to work before, but for some reason it isn't working now for me, same configs as on the old server too...

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    Re:.htaccess security

    It depends on how you want to set up your http server to restrict access to it.

    You can restrict the IP addresses that can connect to the server or/and you can password protect it. Using both on top of configuring your server for https should give you some really good protection. Or you can just use ssh.


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