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Thread: LAN connection dropping [Very Annoying Issue]

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    LAN connection dropping [Very Annoying Issue]

    OK. I have networked (wired) two PC's together. One is my Slack PC and one is my Windows PC. This has happened to me 2 times already.. last time for cursing at the system and banging, etc, it became normal.

    Here's what happens:

    Everything went fine, i connected my ethernet cord: i did
    dhcpcd eth0
    and it found my ip,etc. 2 days later, i suddenly lose my connection. My computer never turned off after i did the dhcpcd . And now I ran netconfig, dhcpcd eth0, nothing happens. I cleared out the cache:


    :-\ nothing happens. I removed the dhcpcd package and re-installed it. And cleared out the /etc/dhcpc but nothing happens!! I ran netconfig again.. no result..

    Can someone please tell what I am doing wrong ?

    I am running Slackware 9.1 with a WHOLE LOT of config. and customizing.

    A Quick Search on Google turned this up... this is not exactly what's happening but it is something similar

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    Re:LAN connection dropping [Very Annoying Issue]

    You might try a static connection, and see if the problem continues.

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    Re:LAN connection dropping [Very Annoying Issue]

    I did.. I manually entered the IP, Gateway, Netmask, etc. using `netconfig` but it still doesn't work..

    Windows was working but now even windows doesn't work. It only doesn't work when plugged into the router.. when connected to the works.

    SO I am thinking it's the router..

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    Re:LAN connection dropping [Very Annoying Issue]

    Can you still access the router at all? Does it have a console port you could log into with? Is there anything in the logs?

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    Re:LAN connection dropping [Very Annoying Issue]

    At the time, no I wasn't but now I can. I just re-ran the quick installer crap that the router came with and it set up my Windows.. then I ran dhcpcd eth0 on my Slack system..and it

    But I am still searching google as I am curious what caused the trouble.. If I find something, then I will report to you about it.. i think i am almost on it though.

    Thanks for the help Master Copy.

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    Re:LAN connection dropping [Very Annoying Issue]

    Sounds like the DHCP leases timed out, and you only had 2 to give out. You might go ahead and set them static to avoid any issues.

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    Re:LAN connection dropping [Very Annoying Issue]

    Or increase the lease time...

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    Re:LAN connection dropping [Very Annoying Issue]

    It also happen with my WAN connection. My ISP runs Windows DHCP server. It would loose connection, then the system won't forward. I had to take the eth0 down and restart it with ifdown eth0 and ifup eth0 commands.

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    Re:LAN connection dropping [Very Annoying Issue]

    Thanks CompuNuts...I will try that next time it happens...if it happens.

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