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Thread: It's official, I disappeared.

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    It's official, I disappeared.

    I was checking up today on my unemployement benefits which needed to be adjusted to take in account of me loosing my part time teaching job - (for which they deducted my benefits, quite fairly), but it now seem social services can't find me, I'm infact not getting benefits at all (however money are put on my account each month).

    three of the places I called to ask them to remove the deductions, I did according to their systems not exist, which makes me kinda sad...

    So it's official, I have governement confirmation - I don't exist... all these years I've been wandering around, I just didn't know it.

    You gotta love the dependency on computers that don't work in todays society, and yes they do run some version of Windows (it looks like 3.11 by the hardware they use which is ancient).

    RIP - David Nielsen 1981 - 2004 - Death by OS.

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    Re:It's official, I disappeared.

    damn that sucks :-\ but I think it's kinda cool...then again i'm fuckin wasted ;D ;D


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    Re:It's official, I disappeared.

    [quote author=The Great Mojo Jojo link=board=17;threadid=9264;start=0#msg83753 date=1085472341]
    damn that sucks :-\ but I think it's kinda cool...then again i'm fuckin wasted ;D ;D


    Well truth be told I was alive and kicking till January, after which I was seemingly removed from the system as an active user. Meaning I either passed on, or got my case file closed - the latter can't be true since they still pay me... so I have to face it, I'm dead.. I have ceased breathing, I'm pushing up the daisies.

    I'm however happy this wasn't the population registry this happened with, in which case they would be shipping me death certs. I mean it's just in terms of social services I don't exist I hope, the rest of the system has me listed as living and breathing.

    I wonder if I can be forced to pay taxes if I literally don't exist... this could have it's good sides, maybe I shouldn't try so hard to get them to resurrect me afterall?

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    Re:It's official, I disappeared.

    humm no taxes...if I were you I would play dead for a while and have some fun

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    Re:It's official, I disappeared.

    plot thickens, not only did they kill me - they also have up to 3 different people aside me and the gf living in the apartment - and guess what I pay all their bills.

    So Mr. David Nielsen of Kornmodsbakken 8210 Århus V. Denmark and Miss Veronica Witzteo (not sure aobut that spelling), and Davis Nielsen - I'm a dead man, and so will you be if I see another electricity bill from you.

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    Re:It's official, I disappeared.

    Personally, I think it give you another good reason to plot of the downfall of Windows products. Whats your address? I'll send you some face paint and a spear.

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    Re:It's official, I disappeared.

    Hey, you can do anything because you don't exist!

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    Re:It's official, I disappeared.

    You're not dead, you're just pining for the fjords...

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    Re:It's official, I disappeared.

    [quote author=[RIP]Lovechild link=board=17;threadid=9264;start=0#msg83752 date=1085471665]
    but it now seem social services can't find me, I'm infact not getting benefits at all (however money are put on my account each month).

    this sounds like a sweet deal

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