I was checking up today on my unemployement benefits which needed to be adjusted to take in account of me loosing my part time teaching job - (for which they deducted my benefits, quite fairly), but it now seem social services can't find me, I'm infact not getting benefits at all (however money are put on my account each month).

three of the places I called to ask them to remove the deductions, I did according to their systems not exist, which makes me kinda sad...

So it's official, I have governement confirmation - I don't exist... all these years I've been wandering around, I just didn't know it.

You gotta love the dependency on computers that don't work in todays society, and yes they do run some version of Windows (it looks like 3.11 by the hardware they use which is ancient).

RIP - David Nielsen 1981 - 2004 - Death by OS.