How's this for a less than calming experience? After procrastinating all long-weekend over adding a new CD-ROM drive and monitor to my second computer I finally got around to dealing with tangled cables and subborn screws and case components in order to get the job done. Once the innards of the machine were exposed I used the opportunity to blast in the inside of the compy (including the power supply) with some compressed air. I then added the CD-ROM drive, closed the machine up and proceeded to set the thing up again. I just about had everything connected save for the keyboard, however, when I started to insert the keyboard cable into the PS/2 port I heard a sparking sound and saw a flash inside the power supply. I was then treated to the smell of smouldering plastic before I unplugged everything and moved the compy out of the room.

I'm wondering if there was anything that I could have done incorrectly while setiing things up that would have caused this (I've done this type of thing before with no problems) or if time was just up for this power supply (the computer is about 4 yrs old).

I am also reluctant to plug it in again on order to see if things still work as it seems that this could represent a threat to person and property. Any suggestions as to how to proceed?