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    Forum Software

    I know there are a bunch of people out there with their own sites and I was wondering how many of you use forum software, and if you do, which do you like/use?

    I am currently using YaBBSE and testing out SimpleMachines Forum (SMF). I must say that YaBBSE is good had an easy way to change the look of the forum but SMF went with a far more complicated way to change the look and feel of the forum, but I do understand that it is FAR MORE powerful too (as far as skinning goes).

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    Re:Forum Software

    Melike phpBB

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    Re:Forum Software

    :P I am not too fond of PHP and I am a fan of Perl so I run YaBB. IT is great and easy to configure.. But I think phpBB has more choices and easy to run, etc. My vote is also for phpBB. My WebTeam runs phpBB so I know and have some experience with it. It's cool.

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    Re:Forum Software

    I, too, vote for phpBB.

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    Re:Forum Software

    My vote also goes to phpBB, but applying mods is a pain

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    Re:Forum Software

    i use phpBB

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