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Thread: dual booting

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    dual booting

    Is it possible to install linux then install windows and still make it dual boot?

    Thank you

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    Re:dual booting

    Usually, it is said that Windows boot loader will over write the one of linux's. Usual process is Windows->Linux. If you want dual boot instructions, here you go:


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    Re:dual booting

    [quote author=pinehead link=board=1;threadid=9256;start=0#msg83714 date=1085365752]
    Is it possible to install linux then install windows and still make it dual boot?

    Thank you

    It is possible, but usually it means more work. You may have to create a boot disk for Linux and then re-run the bootloader installer one you get into Linux. If this is your first time trying out Linux, I would follow the instructions on the page that shebang gave you the link to.

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    Re:dual booting

    If you are about to install Slackware, it is slightly easier. You can just say re-configure linux and then install lilo again....

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    Re:dual booting

    Yes, it's possible. Move your Linux to slave drive. Make your Windows box ( newly installed or otherwise ), and make it primary drive ( since Windows needs to be the first drive ). Just re-run either Lilo or change drive parm in grub.conf. Install grub to the primary drive's MBR.

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