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Thread: Re-Installing webalizer

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    Re-Installing webalizer

    Would it hurt if i re-installed webalizer over what is already their? Does anybody have any experiance with webalizer whatmight be able to help me work out why it is not working?

    Thank you
    Currently the problem is, it is not updating and it is not generating to the right folder. I didn't install this webalizer so i have no idea to tell where anything is.

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    Re:Re-Installing webalizer

    well first of all: i don't even know what webalizer is... but simply installing software over an already existing version of that software is not a very clean thing to do

    does this system have a package management system? if so, was webalizer installed through the package management system? if so, you should be able to find out where all the configuration files are located and if that doesn't help you out, you could remove webalizer through the package management system and install a newer version.

    if the original webalizer was installed from source, removing it will be a lot harder to do... one thing you can try is to install webalizer into it's own prefix (like /opt/webalizer or something)... so you can make sure everything that belongs to the webalizer that _you_ are installing is located in one place and will not be interfering with the already existing webalizer.

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