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Thread: Google to be sued over name?

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    Re:Google to be sued over name?

    No matter how it looks stupid, some people will try to cash in from a big companies with big money. BUT suing someone doesn't mean they are guilty. There are laws that people uphold into.

    Take Xerox, for example. Xerox Corp invented xerography and trademarked it. At first, only Xerox made the copy machines and people commonly used the term, xerox something, for copying purposes. A few companies used the term in advertisings as well. Xerox Corp turn around and sued them for copy rights and violation of trade marks. But other companies have proven that the term had become commonly used terms and that it becomes public domain. US supreme court agreed and the case was dismissed.

    There are a lot of other examples of some trade mark words becoming public domains. Remember an English man trying to get royality for using HTML work? The word, WEB? Same thing.

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    Re:Google to be sued over name?

    If she is successful, i guess we will see other people sueing big companies over names their relatives gave to inventions they made. Lets start with big oil producing companies by not paying the relatives of Rudolf Diesel, who invented the diesel engine. Or what about Marie Curie, at least they used the Curie in Atomic Energy - right :-). This is only the tip of the iceberg ;D

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