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Thread: New HD recommendations

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    New HD recommendations

    Hi guys. I have realized my HD is full. 20gigs. never thought this day would get here. Pretty much 20 gigs worth of progs. No mp3s. I have a server for that. All my dependencies in Gentoo have filled up my HD. Anyone have any recomendations for a HD under $100 maybe under $90-80.


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    Re:New HD recommendations is one of my favorite places to buy.

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    Re:New HD recommendations is really awesome. IT has great deals for hard drives.

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    Re:New HD recommendations

    Do you still have all the source files and directories? Running "make clean" will clean up the object files (which can add up) and stuff generated during compilation.

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    Re:New HD recommendations

    Sorry I put this in the wrong Forum.

    Well Gentoo should run make clean after it installs something. Maybe I should get emerge to produce some list of stuff in stalled and I can remove what I dont need.

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    Re:New HD recommendations

    Well if you have no use for the source tar balls for all of the programs that you have installed you can clean out your /usr/portage/distfiles/ directory and that should get you a bunch of space.
    Only things I generally keep in there are the nvidia-kernel nvidia-glx and ndiswrapper files so I can reinstall them after I recompile my kernel and still be offline.

    Maybe also check to see how big your /var/tmp/packages/ directory is. This is where all of the packages are built and should be cleaned out after a sucessfull install however if an emerge fails the unzipped tar ball is kept in the directory so it is possible that the folder can be quite large.

    You should be able to at least reclaim some of your HD with these 2 suggestions.

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    Re:New HD recommendations

    So I can just go out and remove files under /usr/portage/distfiles/ and /var/tmp/packages/

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    Re:New HD recommendations

    That is correct. Although /var/tmp/packages probably doesn't contain much that is taking up space.

    For cleaning up /usr/portage/distfiles/ there is a script in this thread: that removes older versions of tarballs that are stored, very helpful if you are on a slow connection and want more space but don't want to have to redownload everything if you need to recompile.

    I have a pretty quick connection so every now and then I just clear out /usr/portage/distfiles/ to reclaim some space.

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