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Thread: File permissions upon creating the file

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    File permissions upon creating the file

    This is the problem:

    I have a folder that has files shared by several users. All files need to be readable and writeable by all these users. I can change the permissions on already existing files for that, no problem. But when a user creates a new file let's say from OpenOffice, the new file will be writeable by that user and noone else. The question is how can I make the files writable for the group upon creation?

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    Re:File permissions upon creating the file

    I believe you will be wanting to check out umask

    I haven't used it in quite some time and I am not in front of my box at the moment but I'm sure you can find plenty of info on it.

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    Re:File permissions upon creating the file

    Quick Google search turned this up:

           umask [-p] [-S] [mode]
                  The user file-creation mask is set to mode.  If mode begins with
                  a  digit,  it is interpreted as an octal number; otherwise it is
                  interpreted as a symbolic mode mask similar to that accepted  by
                  chmod(1).   If mode is omitted, the current value of the mask is
                  printed.  The -S option causes the mask to be  printed  in  sym-
                  bolic  form;  the  default output is an octal number.  If the -p
                  option is supplied, and mode is omitted, the output is in a form
                  that may be reused as input.  The return status is 0 if the mode
                  was successfully changed or if no mode  argument  was  supplied,
                  and false otherwise.

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