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    Send mail Administration


    I am using Linux Redhat 9 & sendmail-8.12.8-4 Is there anyway when ever I sent an email from any of my email client thru my SMTP server I will get the copy of that email. where I have to define the setting and is that possible, for instance if any one sends an email to and that domain is on my server , as a virtual host, and he's using as his SMTP server what I have to do in order to get the email which xyz user's sends let me know if thats possible...

    Please let me know the best way to do it. Thanks

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    Dear farhan,

    Yes, there is. but depending on how many users you have, it may or may not be a pita. Add each user to /etc/mail/virtusertable, and _after_ all users, enter *@yourdomain and point it towards the desired catch-all account

    /etc/mail/virtusertable user

    that means, any mail sent to: will goto user on the local system in/out regardless.

    Best Regards.
    Frrkh hmd

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