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Thread: Screen resolution / monitor size

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    Screen resolution / monitor size

    Hi guys,
    When I first installed linux I noticed that I could run x with a higher resolution than windows and still be able to see everything. I've noticed that on windows, anything above 1152x768 is just too small.
    I used to think it had something to do with monitor size, so I'm wondering: what's your monitor size and resolution?
    I'm trying out 1280x1024 on my 19 inch, but some things (webpages) seem just a little too small. Maybe I'll go back to 1280x960

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    Re:Screen resolution / monitor size

    I use either 1280x1024 or 1600x1200 on my 19in. I like 1600x1200 with big fonts because I can fit 2 windows on the page easily, and with big fonts still read everything. Lately I've stuck to 1280x1024 just because it is easier on the eyes, higher refresh.

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    Re:Screen resolution / monitor size

    My rule of thumb is to go with the highest resolution for whatever refresh rate is at heart. I generally like ~75Hz. So on any given CRT, I will go for the highest resolution that it will support at thate frequency.

    So, now we get to font size. I am somewhat familiar with KDE and very much so with GNOME. In each it will allow a font size for just about anything. Set it to a larger size. Some like the gigiantic size (over an inch for a character), I personally aim at legibility yet small.

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    Re:Screen resolution / monitor size

    I use 1024x768@70Hz, on my poor 15" monitor (That explains the huge fonts in my screenshots)

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