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Thread: CDROM Problems

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    CDROM Problems


    I have had this problem for months now and I am completely stumped.

    When installing Unreal Tournament GOTY edition, the installer runs until it needs to read from the CD. With the CD inserted and mounted, it still prompts me for the CD.

    This problem is not limited to UT; I have this same problem with just about every game I try to install using WineX.

    With Winex I can install most supported games without incident until I go to play the game. I asks for the CD, and with the CD mounted, it still can't find it.

    I'm currently running Mandrake 9.1. I had this problem on 9.2 also, although I successfully have installed these games on MDK 8.2 on my machine and some friend's machines.

    I have searched the web thoroughly, found many useful tips, but none that fixed the problem.

    Specifically, I have tried:

    export SETUP_CDROM=/mnt/cdrom
    supermount -i disable
    mount/unmount CD from another console during install.

    I have had more success installing on 8.2 systems without a CD Burner. I figured that perhaps it had something to do with IDE-SCSI emulation, so I compiled a kernel without (ide) SCSI support.

    I still can't install/run these games!!!

    The closest I've come to reading the CD has been with supermount disabled and the CDROM not mounted. After pressing 'try again' (or whatever the message is to retry reading the CD) , the CDROM light blinks once. This doesn't happen when the CD is actually mounted.

    I'm stumped, and completely frustrated. Linux does everything I want it to do, except install games (easily).

    I have read many, many posts from people having the same problems, but I have never found a solution.

    Has anyone figured this out?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re:CDROM Problems;start=0

    The Great Mojo Jojo also has the same problem. I don't think we've found a solution yet.

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    Re:CDROM Problems

    I do not know whether this will work, but try mounting the CD with -o unhide flag.

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    Re:CDROM Problems

    you should be able to get it to work, cause mandrake should have "auto mount" so all you do is becoome root in the terminal and type in "sh <ut installer file>"

    also here is the link for the installer so you dont need winex

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    Re:CDROM Problems

    Wine usually needs the no-cd cracks for the games. I don't know why but I found that with most games I install using wine

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    Re:CDROM Problems

    I would tyhink you need to since the game wouldn't know what the cd would be found in /dev/cdrom but to me using those brings back the days to using winblows...shit i'm using XP right now damn :-[ :-[ :'( :'(

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    Re:CDROM Problems

    [quote author=CP link=board=8;threadid=9217;start=0#msg83305 date=1084774640]
    Wine usually needs the no-cd cracks for the games. I don't know why but I found that with most games I install using wine

    WineX is able to rectify some of this. They are in the cahoots with several of the copy-protection scheme designers and have managed to get a good chunk working fine.

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    Re:CDROM Problems

    Thank you for all of the replies!

    Unfortunately, I am still having the same problem. The -o option didn't help

    Also, I am not trying to install UT using Wine(X). I mentioned both because the CDROM problem is with Mandrake Linux, I believe, not with UT or Wine. Wine works... The problem has to do with where the CD is and how the system sees/accesses the cdrom.

    I would REALLY like to get to the bottom of this; it has been plaguing me for months (almost a year!), and i'm not the only one with this problem.

    I'm just about ready to trash Mandrake and install Slackware.


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