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Thread: Internet Connection Sharing Between hubs??

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    Internet Connection Sharing Between hubs??

    Hi all,

    It's been a while - just back from my honeymoon. I am wondering if anyone can help me with a problem.

    I have two wireless hubs - a netgear one, and a SMC one.

    The SMC router has an ethernet attachment to my ADSL modem, and shares this internet connection over the wireless network quite nicely.

    The same can be done on the Netgear wireless hub.

    If I plug one of the WIRED ETHERNET plugs from the SMC hub to the WAN (ADSL modem) socket in the Netgear hub, then it in turn provides internet access to it's respective network - neat

    I guess that this is a sort of hard wired network bridge.

    Now what I want to do, is to get it to work without wires

    I think I need to set up a linux box with a wireless card to receive the SMC network, and in turn bridge the network to the
    WAN port of the Netgear hub using a wired connection.


    ------- wired connection

    ////////// wireless connection

    ===== software to "bridge" networks.

    Has anyone ever heard of this being done before and if so PLEASE HELPPPPPPPPP

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    Re:Internet Connection Sharing Between hubs??

    I've seen such things close to this done several times. Shouldn't be an issue at all. Just make sure to give each a respected net, like so:

    SMC WAP:

    *Assuming that the NetGear is not a transperent bridge. If it is, then the IP should just be .

    On the SMC to Linux wifi connection, you might want to go with an ad-hoc connection unless you plan to have more than the Linux box connecting to the SMC.

    Hope that helps in some way.

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