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Thread: triple boot

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    triple boot

    Hi guys,
    I'm thinking of trying out both debian and slackware on the same machine, but was wondering about some things:
    I have the debian beta installer, does it automatically install grub, or can I choose?
    I have some unused space on my ntfs partition which I will, um...partition, so do I need another swap space?

    Thank you

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    Re:triple boot

    You shouldn't need another swap partition. As far as the installer thing goes I don't know that one.

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    Re:triple boot


    ok, I made my ntfs drive smaller with partition magic... now I try to format the unused partition in slackware but its not working (tried installing debian, but it saw the free space as "unusable&quot.
    when I do cfdisk, I get a fatal error, cannot open disk drive, and I've been trying to download qparted with no luck either. so what is the easiest way to format this unused space?

    Thank you

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    Re:triple boot

    Does plain old fdisk work? You might need to set the partition type using fdisk.

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    Re:triple boot

    You should have been able to use XP to create the blank space also.

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    Re:triple boot

    fdisk works, but I don't think it recognizes it, when I press p (print partition table), it doesnt see it and when I press n (add partition) it says that there isn't any unalocated space.
    Guess I have to go back into xp for this one.

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