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Thread: My New PC

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    Re:My New PC

    Well, I've decided what PC i am going to buy...... whenever it is possible:


    I am most definitely obsessed with AlienWare Aurora. I love it!!!

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    Re:My New PC

    alienwares are pricey!

    build it yourself :P

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    Re:My New PC

    Alienware is a synonym for "rip-off" just build one yourself, it's easy and 1/3 the price.

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    Re:My New PC

    WEll, I know I will get the same stats for the computer but as for the case, I am just obsessed with the case.. I don't know if I can get the same or a similar case...

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    Re:My New PC

    yea the case is nice I like the green and blue ones ;D you can find some nice cases here http://colorcases.com/

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    Re:My New PC

    Surely AW didn't make their own case. They never had before. They've used Chieftec and Antec cases before. Might check them out to track down that case. I have to agree, AW == waste of $$$$$. $2000 for a system you can build for $800? Their config is what always gets their sales, mainly the case as it has been unintentionally demonstrated.


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