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Thread: Wrong CPU Speed

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    Wrong CPU Speed

    I bought a P4 .2.3GHz 478-pin off Ebay. I used a PowerLeap adapter to put it on a 423-pin motherboard, and it boots up fine.
    the board sees it as a P4 2.3Ghz, but reports the speed as 1.59ghz.

    I really have no idea why it is doing it. SiSoft Sandra and the Intel CPUID tool give me the same info: The processor name is 2.3ghz, but the speed is 1.59. I saw the die on the cpu, and it said 2.3 ghz.
    It is supposed to be 400FSB.

    I'm wondering if this has anything to do with the adapter, or if the cpu is borked.

    I was able to overclock it through the BIOs settings, but the highest that I got it to work (stable) was about 1.956ghz. The cpu temp never exceeds 38 degrees.

    Does anyone has any odea what might be happening???

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    Re:Wrong CPU Speed

    seems I might have gotten ripped off....

    Same issue as this guy...

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    Re:Wrong CPU Speed

    OH man. You got a restamp? That bites! I've only heard of them. Never heard of anyone getting one. What seller is it so I can block them?

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    Re:Wrong CPU Speed

    Does the BIOS actually support that speed? Or the board for the matter?

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