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Thread: Mono: A Developer's Notebook

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    Mono: A Developer's Notebook

    this book seems very promising... it's not out yet, but i've already pre-ordered mine

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    Re:Mono: A Developer's Notebook

    they don't seem to be shipping to Denmark, so I'll order it from when it hits - always happy to support good projects.

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    Re:Mono: A Developer's Notebook

    i received my copy last week. it's pretty good... it won't teach you a lot about the .NET Framework but that's not what it intends to do. The book's goal is to get you started with Mono and it's related technologies like GTK#.

    it is filled with small examples that will show you how to get stuff done with C# and Mono. So if you know .NET and wanna start using Mono, this is a really helpfull book. If you don't know .NET but wanna get into Mono, this book will get you started, but you better pick up a book that covers .NET specifically to read after you read the Mono book.

    either way, it gets the Ralinx Seal Of Approval

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