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Thread: KDE Menu Editor isn't working

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    KDE Menu Editor isn't working

    SUSE 9.1 Pro
    Everytime I change something in X Menu Editor, or create a shortcut to the app on the custom or regular panel items start disappearing from Menu Editor. For Exmple There are normally 10 items Uner Internet Menu Editor, I create the custom Entry here for Mozilla and save the settings. After that the only thing that appears in Menu Editor after I save the changes is Mozilla everything else is gone. I've tried this numerous times with root user and with a couple of non-privileged users, same old crap.
    I've found the following link
    It appears that guy has the same problem but nobady was able to help him.
    Any ideas?

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    Re:KDE Menu Editor isn't working

    I guess I can credit myself with posting a question that nobody knows the answer to :-) I have actually tried a couple of other forums - no replies, I have gone even that far as to send the qeustion to SUSE reply.
    I think this is the real problem with KDE as lots of people posted the same question on the you guys have the same issues with GNOME?

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    Re:KDE Menu Editor isn't working

    menu editors are a problem, both for KDE and for Gnome. when i used to run LFS i always compiled KDE from source, and i'd never have problems with the menu editor. mostly because in that situation, you're using the menu editor the way it was intended to be used.

    i think this whole menu editor mess is just a problem that was introduced by distro's and Freedesktop standards (just cuz it's a standard doesn't mean it doesn't suck). KDE and Gnome menu's were supposed to be interoperable so that when somebody starts up Gnome in his/her distro, instead of KDE (or the other way around depending on what you use most) they should get the exact same menu... or at least it should be as similar as possible. i think they just lost a whole lot of flexibility with trying to get them to work together. The end result: menu editors hardly ever work the right way anymore, people get weird problems, and Fedora even goes as far as to disable menu editing in gnome because they just can't seem to get it right to start with (this may be fixed in FC3... i really don't know, all i know is that they removed menu editing support in both FC1 and FC2 because they could not get it to work properly)

    so in short: menu editing sucks, and we have distro's and FreeDesktop to thank for it. this is why i never even bother to edit the menu anymore, i just put icons in kicker or on the desktop.

    [me=Ralinx]gets off his soapbox[/me]

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