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Thread: How to setup DSL??

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    How to setup DSL??

    Hi everyone, Here is my new topic. If possible i need some answers by Wednesday which is May 12th, 2004.

    I'm getting DSL turned on. How do i set it up myself after they turn it on from the outside?? Do i need to setup my DSL modem myself?? I assume i need too.. After my modem is setup, how do i set it up from the Network Connections in the Control Panel?? Oh i would want it to be on the Ethernet. Please NOT on the USB. I would be on this board with more questions if on the USB.

    Oh would this go in Off-topic or Windows section?? My opion is the Off-topic when i have it now. If it belongs in the Windows section please move it there because i'm seeting this up on XP Pro. Thanx and have a good one.

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    Re:How to setup DSL??

    your DSL provider should set it up for you. All I did was plug everything in and it worked ;D they should also give you a nic if not there cheap

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    Re:How to setup DSL??

    It should be very easy.

    1. Contact your DSL provider.
    2. Ask them for instructions.

    Usually is just a matter of plugging in the modem and the network cable. However, if it is ADSL, it might require you using software to authenticate.

    So, the company should give you instructions.

    Follow them and voila!

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    Re:How to setup DSL??

    yea its just plug and play, they may give you a cd to authenticate if you use windows or a mac. if you use linux you would have to call them and register with teh server. also there are instructions in the box for the modem.

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    Re:How to setup DSL??

    If it's not working it's always a good idea to check the activation date.

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    Re:How to setup DSL??

    If its SBC then I have to second checking hte activation date. Plus a general rule of thumb is to check the line that the DSL converter is plugging in to. If it has static or other noise on it, rewire it or replace the jack (a linemans' handset is invaluable at times like that ;D ).

    I did countless installs and it really boils down to three things:

    1) It actually is on.
    2) The jack is properly wired. Crap wiring may work okay for a telephone but sure as hell will not work for any DSL. If the NI box is not getting a clean signal, contact your provider. That is probably the problem, if not the first one.
    3) Your converter and NIC work.

    If need be, contact your provider. The tech support should be more than competent at getting you a connection

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    Re:How to setup DSL??

    If its SBC then I have to second checking hte activation date.
    I have add to that. I use SBC DSL, and it actually took 2 weeks for them to "optimize" my connection. In reality, it took two weeks to get a connection (after the activation date). Another thing, if you do not have the DSL filters on every jack except the one the DSL is running off of, you could have some serious trouble.

    Another issue can always be if you have an alarm system . If you do not have a special fliter at the demarc, this can cause all sorts of trouble. Anyways, watch the lights on your modem, learn what they mean, and see what is lacking.

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