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Thread: Nagios user problem..????

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    Nagios user problem..????

    I'm a newbie......I am typing this command at the command prompt to do a test to see if i can send email but I get NOTHING ....anyone know why...plz help....
    ??? ??? :'( :'(

    # echo |mail -s "alert alert "

    (not using my real email...haha)

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    Re:Nagios user problem..????

    the command you used worked fine for me - i am using mailx - what are you using?

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    Re:Nagios user problem..????

    the guy who usually tinkers with this is on vacation , he had told me once that it was mailx I tried the same command using sendmail and it didn't work either....confused...

    # echo |sendmail -s "alert alert " >

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    Sir can any one please help me how to install nagios in linux and from there how to monitor the windows Desktop and Server machines

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    Are you trying to send the mail as a user?
    Do you or the particular user have permission to send mail? If not give permission to use the command.

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    I have not got it! I want the help to install nagios on Red Hat Linux 5.4 and monitor windows machine

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