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Thread: Mouse pointers and fonts in Libranet

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    Mouse pointers and fonts in Libranet

    I want to soon move from libranet to either debian or slackware, but libranet makes it very easy to get true type fonts and really cool mouse pointers. Does anyone know where libranet stores them, if I can some how copy them to a cd and later reinstall them onto my new distro?(If there are any legality issues with this, seeing as how libranet isn't free, please let me know)

    Thank you

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    Re:Mouse pointers and fonts in Libranet

    If it's just for you I don't think legality would be an issue. Besides libranet is all just have to pay for the latest version. They make their money off the impatient

    Are you using Gnome? Type "fonts:" in nautilus. This is your font headquarters. Drag-n-Drop into this location to install fonts (you'll probably need to log out before they start showing up), and you can copy them from here onto cd and move them somewhere else.

    As for mouse cursors, I'm afraid I have no idea ???

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    Re:Mouse pointers and fonts in Libranet

    Ok, cool... I can see all the fonts in nautilus, but if I copied them onto a cd, and reinstalled them in the same location, would they be installed in fluxbox or kde as well?

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    Re:Mouse pointers and fonts in Libranet

    Probably not...I'm not certain about kde though...hopefully they have that font unification thing happening.

    I'm really not sure how systemwide fonts work, but I'll start you off.

    I do know that systemwide fonts are handled by X and hence you'll have to do some checking in your config file. I remember with some distros I've had to hard-code in some fontpaths into my XF86Config file. If your /etc/X11/XF86Config file contains FontPath entries that actually point to a directory, then that directory is probably where your system fonts are.

    I've also seen fonts handled by directing a single FontPath entry to unix:7100. This means that your fonts are handled by xfs (I think that's it? The x font server?), and hence I have no idea how that works

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    Re:Mouse pointers and fonts in Libranet

    well, i found some mouse pointers over at kde-look which i'll give a try soon.
    also for debian, there is a package called msttcorefonts which will install true type fonts automatically.

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