Lets have a chat everyone.

My rant Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr some forums really make me mad!
Why well lets take a min and think what is the soul purpose of a forum?
Ok well as most of you have seen i tend to have well kind of a fondness for ruby.
I like ruby it's cool.
So being that i like ruby and it was created in japan there is little to no doc or tutorials on ruby in english.
So beside's Linuxfoo i spend a lot of time at http://www.ruby-forum.org/bb/viewforum.php?f=1 and let me tell you what you wan't to see a couple of ruby hackers get pissed?
Ask them a question!

Now when i ask a question i don't just take the answer and run i.


This is what i have figured out on my own
i know that this creates a Test.db file

require 'dbm'

database = DBM.new("Test")

And this is how i open the Test.db file
i think.

require 'dbm'

database = DBM.open("Test")
puts database

The out put to the code above is.

And this is how i add info to the database.


require 'dbm'

DBM.open("Test") do |dbm|
dbm['name'] = "Big Bird"
dbm['dob'] = "Date.new(1997, 12,25)"


leave code for the one's that wish to know but fear to ask.

What is this code above you ask you will have to wait untill i am done to find out.

Ok ok ill give you just a little taste.

LFS Build System
Ports System
Dep Checking
Database System for pkg's
Package --installer, --upgrade ,--sync, --remove,--version,--help,--build
Auto Hardware Detection <----Ohh yaa
Custom System Installer
And Custom live cd builder

All in code explaned to the simplest detail for all who wish to learn.
I didn't cheat EVERYTHING was built from hand.
Except the hardware detection i found that here http://amlug.net/new-projects/hwd/hwd.html and add my own special touch.

What does all this mean.
Custom Lfs Based Distro builder compleat with help system and gui or dialog if YOU wish.
I provide the code and research & how i would do things you make the final decision on how your going to apply it.
Ohhh baby stify stify... just jokeing about the stify or am i mwwwhaaaaaa

All for linufoo thats you!

Well forums are for use to ask questions so as we might some day grasp what might have been ungraspable if forums didn't ever come to be.

Forums were not created for the soul purpose to make people feel un wanted or as if they are a burden.
Flameing people is wrong....

That is why i spend most of my time hear or working on materal to inform & try to teach one's willing to listen.

Thank you everyone here for makeing me feel apart of something and for our all mighty leader mcangeli for giveing us linuxfoo to be apart of.

End of rant.

P.S do you know what is funny many many years ago when i first touched a computer i learnd that i could destroy the one's in my life that had done me wrong so i desided to try and learn to be the world greatest hacker lol
i learned really fast that in order to do that i had to master linux well i have learned that hacking is kids play boreing and not EVEN worth my time i should have been a teacher instead teaching is much more of a chalenge and worth while never did learn a thing about breaking into computers learnd alot about how to build and fix them though go figure so i would say linux saved my life tought ME a thing or to tought me that there is more in life and computers than hurting people if it wasn't for linux i probly have ended up still useing dos or winblows and a big nobody.

We should all bow and give praise to our friend tux!