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Thread: Dear dog I hate the walls in my apartment

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    Dear dog I hate the walls in my apartment

    I happen to live in what used to be attic space so that walling here is dry wall only. Which means sounds travels right through them, and my bedroom and my neigboors bedroom are placed right newt to each other.

    And I'm sick of waking up in the middle of the night by them doing a Stryder144 impression. Seriously the poor woman sounds like a mule when she cums...

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    Re:Dear dog I hate the walls in my apartment

    lol! ;D

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    Re:Dear dog I hate the walls in my apartment

    Hey, I like to move to your apartment. :P

    I used to live in an apartment where the neighbor's bedroom is across from my kitchen window in checker shape building. She yell louds ( I mean seriously loud when it's like 1 AM in the morning ) when she cums ( or even just before that ). I used to round up a few friends and have beer nights just for them to listen to. When I moved in with my then GF ( now my wife ), he was so hell bent into moving into my old place that my apartment manager think he is some kind of nuts.

    Oh well, some want to be in your shoes I guess.

    What I sometime do is record those noises and play back to them when they are not doing it. ;D

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    Re:Dear dog I hate the walls in my apartment

    It's not that I mind them having sex, hell I think it's great for them.. I just wanted to curse the idiot who made the seperating walls paperthin, while I think sex is great I don't like been woken up at strange hours.

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    Re:Dear dog I hate the walls in my apartment

    I have the same problem, except at least my neightbors wait until 8AM to have sex and be noisy.

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    Re:Dear dog I hate the walls in my apartment

    Ever seen fight club? You know that scene where Ed Norton's doing situps downstairs and you have tyler and marla upstairs and the plaster crumbles down while you can hear them howling? I've been in exactly that situation before. I lived in the basement room of a house that was in questionable condition, and my roommate lived upstairs right above me. Every second weekend her boyfriend would come down from Ottawa and I'd get non-stop THUMP-THUMP-THUMP-THUMP on my ceiling. When they were really into it you could hear her screaming throughout the house and tiny pieces of the ceiling would flutter down.

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    Re:Dear dog I hate the walls in my apartment

    whats sex? ???

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