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Thread: Linux Strikes Again!

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    Linux Strikes Again!

    The co-worker in the office next to mine (the weather office) was booting up a laptop computer today. Low and behold, the great Red Fedora was booting up! I asked him why they had to run Linux. He said that they run Win2k over Linux via VMWare. They need the stability of Linux but the functionality of some Windows specific software that is mission critical. I had to shake my head and walk out of his office before the jealousy got too great! From the data center to the front office!


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    Re:Linux Strikes Again!

    That's cool. Same kinda thing at my company. When you order a new development box from IT you can make it Windows or Red Hat. We develop cell-phone specific stuff, and the libraries to do GSM are much better on linux than they are on windows. About half the boxes on the floor are linux! It's nice 8)

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    Re:Linux Strikes Again!

    I'm still running SUSE on my work laptap with Crossover Office for Word and Excel. I like it.

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