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    USB Ports

    Hey all,

    I have, what seems to me, a wierd situation. I have a client/friend who has had all but one USB port go bad. Let me give you a brief recent history. Last week, on thursday I believe, I moved the guts of the PC over to a new and smaller case, to fit a new desk. When I left all seemed well, we did not however test any of the USB devices, but all of the lights were lit on the Hub. Well this weekend this guy baught a new cordless optical mouse he got it installed fine and it worked for a couople of days.

    He woke up on Tuesday to find his mouse not working and that the lights on the hub were out. He of course has rebooted serveral times to no avail. He said he tried plugging the mouse in to the other port in the back with no luck. Also in the 2 in the front and only one of the ports worked. Oh and I believe he tried plugging the hub into the working port in the front and but the lights still didn't light up on the hub. SO to me it sounds like the hub is fried and it took out the 2 ports in the back along with it, but then why would only one of the ports in the front work?

    Wierd wierd wierd,

    Does this even sound feasible?

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    Re:USB Ports

    It does.

    If the ports are part of the motherboard, it might be harder, but not unheard of.

    If the ports are part of the case, they have individual cables for each of them, so it is entirely possible that only certain ones got damaged.

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    Re:USB Ports


    Yeah the ones in the back are part of the mother board. The ones up front had to be wired up to some jumpers.

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    Re:USB Ports

    I just thought I would let you guys know that it seems to be a fluke thing that happened. I went there and we messed around with it for a little bit and switched some wires here and there and it was all working when I was there and has continued to work since :-\ So I'm not exactly sure WTF was up with the ports in the first place.

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