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Thread: Sound Card: Yamaha OPL3 SAx

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    Sound Card: Yamaha OPL3 SAx

    On my old laptop, I am running Fedora Now, just for a little bit till I get used it and then moving back to Slack. My Sound Card is:

    YAMAHA OPL3 SAx because when I ran redhat-config-soundcard it didn't detect my card. so i just browsed hardware(a very nice tool for people like me ;D) and this was my sound card so I booted Knoppix up and this was the same card. ;D. I tried searching google and came up with some answers but eh...i cannot find any drivers for this card. Do you guys now any good ones so that I can activate sound on my laptop. As for speakers, I have head-phone plugged in because well, the laptop is old and it doesn't have built-in speakers. So any advice would be appreciated.


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    Re:Sound Card: Yamaha OPL3 SAx

    [quote author=trickster link=board=3;threadid=9089;start=0#msg82251 date=1082833471]

    Thank you very very much!

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