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Also, the type of people who tend to get murdered and raped aren't very wealthy or paying much into the system.
Geez, I was not aware there was a kind of people that got raped or murdered...
I wonder if that 11 year old girl who got raped and murdered in Florida was of "that" type?
Or that other college student Dru something that was on the news?

Well, there's definetly a sort of person who is more likely to get raped/murdered, however I meant more like what Mountainman got outta it. Why enforce rules on behalf of those who don't fund your political campaigns?

However, as for the group -- you'll find they're poor. Poor people are more exposed to crime, they live in worse neighborhoods, walk/use the bus, etc. You'll also find raped victims tend to be feable and weak looking, they look like easy pray. Now of course, there are exceptions, but there's exceptions to everything.