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    I am here at college where the Spring semester of my Sophmore year is coming to an end and I am still a major in Management Information Systems, and hopefully a minor in Networking by the end of 2006. I want to primarily work in web development and database (which I hear is quite an open market in the computer industry at the moment) and I also wonder that having a degree is nice and all, but it wouldnt hurt having some certifications not only to get a better job but to learn more about computers. So I ask what certifications you have, and what do you think are some great, important, and impressive certifications to have in the computer industry? Right now I am thinking of beginning to earn certifications by getting an A+ certification.

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    Master Copy is the cert guru. He would be the best one to tell you anything about them.

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    ive been studying off and on for CCNA and sometimes Security+, and I have to say that it would be good in the long run, but you really need time to study. If your working alot and dont mind going without sleep then go for it.

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    There are hundreds ( if not thousands ) of certifications relating to computers. Go for what is in your field of study ( you mentioned Web development and database ), then get only what you needed. Having A+ certs will not help you to get a database related job ( unless you are applying for Helpdesk technician job ).

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    I hear A+ is the best certification to start with. been looking at at the best ones to take.

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