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    SCO stuff

    Hey everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone has heard anything about SCO and their stock? I was reading something from my google new alert and it was saying that there was a buzz going around on the internet about SCO and its stock.

    Just curious,

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    Re:SCO stuff

    Check out for all things SCO.

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    Re:SCO stuff

    ZdNet's usually pretty laughable...and this is no exception. For once it's in favour of Linux though! Check it out...entertaining read.

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    Re:SCO stuff

    A lot is said of SCO's stock, especially on sites like /. Nearly every single SCO story you have someone say "Look, it's down $0.50 for the day!" as if that's a big deal. If you want to get a better idea of it, look at longer trends.

    Gotta admit, I'd love to have invested 1 year ago and be cashing out now. Not as nice as a couple months ago, sure, but still damn good ROI.

    That looks good, from my anti-sco perspective. I hope that trend continues!

    From over 16 to below 8 in 3 months.

    Went down, went up, back to where it started about. That's why daily charts aren't terribly useful... one day it down, the next up.

    And of course, 1-day:;q=l&c=

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