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    Wide Open Magazine

    Hi, Group,

    {NOTE: I hope no one thinks this is spam. I believe the info I'm about to put forth is useful, at least to those of us using Fedora or Red Hat Linux.}

    Just got the first issue of Wide Open Magazine, and wanted to post a little "review" of sorts. I don't work for Red Hat, but do use Fedora Core 1 and have used Red Hat since version 3.03.

    Before we get any further along, Wide Open is not a porn mag! It's an official publication of Red Hat Software that chronicles the Fedora Project. As such, it has a sort of insider's view to Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

    On the plus side:

    Lots of great technical articles which don't assume that you already know everything there is to know about Linux. Some of this is real bleeding-edge, too, like a how-to on installing the 2.6 kernel in Fedora. Also, there's lot of tips and tricks on how to do neat stuff right now...

    Three CDs and a mini-CD of Fedora Core 1 Plus came with the magazine (the mini-disk is a Rescue CD). They call this distro "plus" because of all the upgraded packages included with it since the release of Core 1.

    Lots of info concerning the relationships between Red Hat and the Fedora Project, including an in-depth look at the decisions that drove the choice to move Red Hat's consumer versions of Linux to Fedora.

    Great production values - the magazine is printed in full color on very high quality glossy stock.

    Not too much advertising as yet. - seven pages had ads on them, including one for Red Hat, another for the magazine itself, and another for Red Hat Training. Not too shabby for a magazine of some one hundred pages (including the front and back covers). Oh, yeah, and only ONE blow-in card (for a steeply discounted subscripton to Wide Open)!

    On the minus side:

    There is a definite bias for GNOME over KDE, but we knew that going in, didn't we?

    The CDs are distributed in paper envelopes instead of a case - even a cardboard case would be preferable in my opinion, and I'd pay extra for it to ensure that the CDs are well protected in shipment (I haven't tested mine yet, but there's a mark on CD No. 2 that worries me a bit.)

    So... overall, I'd say - get a copy of this magazine if you're a Red Hat/Fedora user, admin, or just want to know the latest about them. Your ten bucks will be well spent.

    Later On,

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    Re:Wide Open Magazine

    [quote author=horus link=board=13;threadid=9095;start=0#msg82306 date=1082914459]
    Before we get any further along, Wide Open is not a porn mag!

    oh now i've lost interest


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    Re:Wide Open Magazine

    Me too ... I thought being Wide Open is something like; you know ... :P

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    Re:Wide Open Magazine

    Thanks for the review. I might just get it (I will have to talk very quickly or my wife will veto it based on it's title! ).


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