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Thread: Strange dialup problem

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    Strange dialup problem

    I told a friend I would try to figure out why she can't connect to the internet and found a strange problem. Every time I try and connect, the phone number for the default connection is changed to a number over 20 digits long, and I have to go back to dialup networking and change it back. I called the number on the phone and it is some kind of long distance carrier and it just says that I'm not regestered and gave me an 800 number. I called the 800 umber and it is a bellsouth long distance carrier. I have searched the whole computer for evidence of this number and can find none. Does anyone have any idea what is going on? I can delete all information in dialup networking and start fresh, and the same thing happens.


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    Re:Strange dialup problem

    Maybe you should install Ad-Aware to check for some kind of hi-jacking program, a dialer type of worm.

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    Re:Strange dialup problem

    If your feeling brave you could search for that number in the registry and delete it.

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