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Thread: Thinking of installing Slackware

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    Thinking of installing Slackware

    Ok Peeps,
    I am thinking of installing slackware, but as I have never used or seen this distro, does anyone have any tidbits that were hard learned? I am currently running a 1.8Ghz AMD at home with a Geforce4 video. Sound is a generic board. Not sure about the modem. If mine doesnt work then I will buy one that does.


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    Re:Thinking of installing Slackware

    To be honest, I have never felt it to be a difficult distro to install and configure (and believe me, if someone is going to mess something up, it's likely going to be me!). Just remember that practically nothing will be automagically taken care of for you.

    Tidbits: you will need to use cfdisk or fdisk to partition your hdd. Be sure and read everything that comes up on your screen so that you don't miss the part about partitioning (you have to partition the hdd before you get to the ncurses-based install program).

    Run alsaconf once everything is loaded and you have rebooted for the first time. It should find your sound chip and set everything up for you.

    Above all else, have fun! If you run into a snag or two, let us know and we can definitely give you some help.


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    Re:Thinking of installing Slackware

    Like Stryder144 pointed out, it is an easy distro to install . when I first installed it, I ran into some troubles like not able to start x. I gave up on it and then tried it again and installed it about 2 times in all and it didn't give me any trouble. Unless you know what you are doing, I would suggest going with a Full Install. It is pretty good. It comes with a GNOME, KDE, XFCE and a few other WM's like *box, etc. It is good. If you don't want any of them, it gives you a choice in the beginning to select which you want and which you don't want. I would suggest reading this first before you do a Slack Install. This is where I found the most info:

    Best place. You will love it! it goes through everything. IT is not as easy to install as RH or FC or MDK but it is a very efficient and fast distro.

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