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Thread: Favorite Distributions

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    Favorite Distributions

    What is your favorite distro? IT doesn't have to the one you are using.

    I cannot vote because I cannot tell which one is my favorite: debian or Slackware. Just interested.

    If your choice is other, please specify.

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    Re:Favorite Distributions

    The only two distros (unless you count SuSE Live) that I have tried are RedHat 9 and Slackware 9.1. I thought that RedHat was a great distro for a newbie in that it had a simple installation and everything was ready to go. That allowed me to become familiar with Linux. However, now I like and use Slackware because it gives the user a great deal of control over the system and it is also fast.

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    Re:Favorite Distributions

    I used to love gentoo because of all the control it gave portage is just a godsend and has yet to be matched by any package management system I've ever seen. However, the whole "you choose how tight you want it" philosophy eventually got to me. I got sick and tired of hand-editing config files and pouring over documentation just to get my damn printer working. At the time I used it, there was virtually NO post-install config that was automated. Now hopefully that's changed, but for now I'll stick to FC1 (soon to be FC2 if it's ever released!). Sure, it has its problems...but as far as doing the work for you, I've yet to see any distro that goes as far as Fedora. I haven't tried SuSE yet, but I have big issues with KDE's usability, despite the magic SuSE has worked with the menu and control panel. For now, it's good old solid Gnome-based Fedora

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    Re:Favorite Distributions

    Ok I chose other, but I suppose I could have done Debian. But my Favorite Distrobution is Knoppix for the moment. A great easy install from the live CD, great hardware detection, looks good out of the box, some great programs included, and it seems to run rather quickly.

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    Re:Favorite Distributions

    been using FC1 ever since it came out... i'm very happy with it, except that i really don't like the fact that they have very crippled media support due to licenses and patenting issues, allthough i understand why. if i could hand out Fedora CD's to friends of mine without having to tell them how to get flash working, how to get mp3 support, and how to get movie files to play then it would be the best distro IMHO. Right now, it's the best distro for _me_ because i know how to get that extra stuff working. A lot of newbies don't however and a lot of them won't even bother to look into getting the extra stuff working and that is why Fedora will never be popular among non-techies.

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    Re:Favorite Distributions

    Right now I would say Debian is my favorite with apt-get being a very good package management system. It does what I want from a distro including updating the system.

    Slackware comes in second for me, because it's just a good distro.

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    Re:Favorite Distributions

    I like Debian and gentoo for their large pools of software, I like FC since I don't have to tinker with it to make it work.

    Debian and FC are sadly crippling their distros for legal reasons.

    I'm currently on Debian Unstable btw.

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    Re:Favorite Distributions

    [quote author=Saptech link=board=7;threadid=9043;start=0#msg81806 date=1082191389]
    Right now I would say Debian is my favorite with apt-get being a very good package management system. It does what I want from a distro including updating the system.

    Slackware comes in second for me, because it's just a good distro.


    Yeah. It seems that apt-get gets everyone! If you have a Debian or Debian based system, you can just keep upgrading/updating your system very easily. I loved it while I used it. Now I am just waiting for Sarge to come out and It will be immediately put on my system.

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    Re:Favorite Distributions

    Anyone try any propreitory distros, ex: lindows, xandros, etc. Quite Frankly, these are the only propreitory distros I know. I don't know if SuSE is one because it gives a free ftp:// install at least.

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    Re:Favorite Distributions

    I use SuSE because it is a very solid, professional desktop system which is fine tuned and works well right out of the box. And YaST is just awesome.

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