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Thread: basketball thread

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    basketball thread

    it's that time of the year again: NBA PLAYOFFS!!!!!!!!

    i'm a huge NBA fan and i'm wondering if anyone else here likes NBA basketball. Personally i'm hoping the Lakers will win it again since i'm a huge lakers fan... i'm not a fan because they won 3 titles in 4 years but i've been a fan ever since Shaq signed with them and now i'm a huge Kobe Bryant fan. So since this is probably Kobe's last season with them i'm hoping he can win another title. If the Lakers don't win i'm hoping Minnesota goes all the way, or maybe the Kings because they deserve it.

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    Re:basketball thread

    Been a Miami Heat fan since day 1, actually just went to their game last night.
    Even though it is doubtful that an East team is going to win it the heat have an amazing squad, all they are lacking is a center.
    They went from 11 games under .500 in the beginning of march to making the playoffs with home court advantage, plain and simple they have been on a tear.

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    Re:basketball thread

    Basketball, what's that!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re:basketball thread

    i have been a fan since 1985 when MJ popped onto the scene - sure the bullies had a ways to go but when they got there thay stayed around for awhile. these days i like kobe and am have really been impressed with duncan of the spurs, even though i tend to respect the shorter guys more becuase they really have to work their hieny off.

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    Re:basketball thread

    I'm a big Bulls fan. Of course, I'd say that I'm just as much a fan of Shaq as I am of the Bulls. I think that he is a great role model for the younger players. He plays hard when he needs to, doesn't usually start confrontations (though he doesn't mind ending them), doesn't usually bad mouth the officials, etc.


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    Re:basketball thread

    My vote on the West is for the Kings if they can get thier act together....they should have just worked Webber in from the bench.

    My vote on the East are the Pistons. They have one of the better defenses in the East right now IMHO.

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    Re:basketball thread

    yea detroit is by far the best team in the East right now, allthough Indiana is probably very closely behind them.

    But still, it would surprise me if the eastern team doesn't get swept in the finals.

    in the west it's either gonna be LA, Sacramento or San Antonio... there's no way an eastern team can do anything against that.

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    Re:basketball thread

    is it just me or are this year's playoffs the best we've had in a _long_ time?

    lakers-spurs was a classic series... will be remembered for a long time

    kings-wolves is also a very dramatic series (did you see the elbow KG got in the face??)

    hell even the eastern playoffs are interesting for the first time since MJ left the Bulls!

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    Re:basketball thread

    Playoffs have been great this year. The Heat are giving the Pacers a run for their money. We just need to learn how to win on the road.

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    Re:basketball thread

    I'm not really in to basketball but i am a homer so i have to root for the home team.

    NJ Nets

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