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Thread: Logging Compile Activities

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    Logging Compile Activities

    What is the correct syntax to use to create a log of all the activities going on during the compiling of a program? I recently tried to compile the sword libraries on my computer and ran into a bunch of errors. I want to be able to save all the activities so that I can review it at a later time and try to sort things out. I don't necessarily want to have to be in x at the time in order to do so, either.

    Is the syntax that xfree86 uses to make the world.log file one that can be used to do what I want? Thanks.


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    Re:Logging Compile Activities

    Just redirect stdout and stderr...

    ./configure --whatever-options-you-need 2> err_log 1> std_out

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    Re:Logging Compile Activities

    i think there is a record command that can log stuff, i am not a nice linux machine at the moment though...

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