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    gorbot source

    i promised to release it and also promised to clean it up a bit, the latter is kinda a broken promise.

    [edit]new version:[/edit]

    It's dead week, I won't be working on the code until summer break (just 2 weeks away), at that time i'll maybe make a INSTALL file and give some database dumps so you can actually make this work without too much work.

    Give me bug reports! Feel free to ask questions but as I said, it's dead week, I might not get back to you.

    As for liscense... public domain is cool with me, later I might go for a BSD license but I really don't care where this code gets used, so do whatever the hell you want with it! but if you do anything super cool I'd appreciate you sharing your code as well.

    [edit] Ahh POD is beautiful[/edit]

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    Re:gorbot source

    Thanks! THank you very much!

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    Re:gorbot source

    Excellent. TYVM.

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    Re:gorbot source

    [quote author=gorn link=board=9;threadid=9010;start=0#msg81499 date=1081792906]
    but if you do anything super cool I'd appreciate you sharing your code as well.
    Then, why not GPLed it?

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    Re:gorbot source

    As for why not GPL? I guess I don't feel the code is significant enough to warrant a more restricting license.

    Okay command list that everyone wants: (I will implement this into the bot, maybe using something slick like POD [or whatever that perldoc thing is called)

    load: Loads a module (Such as Basic or something, but loading basic wouldn't make much sense since load is in Basic...)
    reload: Reloads a perl module, like or one of the Command modules, but doesn't run their on_load sub
    roll: Rolls dice (!roll 1 3 for 1 dice, 3 sides)
    rot13: Turns text into rot13 and back
    fortune: /usr/games/fortune goodness (-o for offensive)
    w00t: w00t w00t for %s
    hi: just says hey

    addlart: !addlart kicks %s or whatever, to add a lart
    lartls: shows all the larts and who added them
    lart: !lart microsoft or whatever

    pollstart: !pollstart Favorite distro?, Gentoo, Redhat, Windows (note the commas, they are important)
    pollinfo: shows info about the current poll (including what number each option is
    pollvote: !pollvote 1 (you vote by number not name
    pollend: to close a poll...

    pr0n: you can thank Kurt for this one

    iam: Uhhh don't worry about it, it's a little security thing so you guys can't steal my nick and take over gorbot, it's implementation kinda sucks, i'll try to fix it
    amnot: same
    mail: !mail gorn hi (next time gorn joins #ljr he'll get the message)
    my: !my aim=gorntotherescue (sets profile information
    whois: !whois gorn (shows profile information)
    whoami: see above

    google: search google
    slashdot: shows latest /. headlines
    freshmeat: shows latest fm additions
    dict: look up a word

    Ta-da that's mah bot

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