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Thread: mini-itx recommendations?

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    mini-itx recommendations?

    So my old IBM PS1 486 died (it was my mail/web/dns server) and I need to replace it. I was using the 486 'cause it had just a 70 watt powersupply, no fans, etc. Apparently my choices for a modern equivalent is to go with a mini-itx system.

    Anyone have a recommendation on which one to get (linux is the only OS it will ever see, unless I get into the BSDs) and a vendor or two that will sell everything I need in one place?

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    Re:mini-itx recommendations?

    I would suggest that you find one with a VIA C3 Nehemiah processor. If you can find the newer 1ghz and up chip, it will have builtin random number generation for encryption purposes (if that floats your boat).

    Check this site out for additional suggestions/help.

    Also, if you're looking for a quiet power supply, Antec was supposed to release a fan-less model. It was supposed to have the 350 plus watts. Might be worth a look, as well.


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